Teaching the bot to jump

The bot really needs to learn how to jump. Being rooted to ground as it is, it becomes unable to solve tiny (yet hardcore somehow) maps such as Doom 2 Underhalls. Pictured here is the Doom 1 Perfect Hatred, the first map I ever saw where it’s impossible to progress without learning about the shift […]

New release: r3884

I’ve released a new version of AutoDoom which is based on an Eternity fix, which prevents maps with invalid textures (without patches) from exiting with error on startup. Here are the download links: AutoDoom r3884 for Windows AutoDoom r3884 for macOS

Welcome to my AutoDoom website

This is where AutoDoom builds are released, and its home page is going to work as a development blog / news page. For a description of AutoDoom, see About. To download AutoDoom, go to Downloads. External links, such as the source code repository, are located at Links.